B. Reid

"Like many people, I feel very stressed by life’s problems and look forward each week to the soothing treatment of an Indian Head Massage. It is an oasis of calm and peace as my half hour treatment unfolds and tension washes away. This also helps me physically and there is a gradual improvement in my mobility. I owe a great deal of thanks to Angela."

P. Watkinson

"The mind is full
The body is dull
The spirit is lost
The hope is tossed

Therapy treatment with Angela you attend
Your mind, your body, your spirit, even your hope, begin to mend
You have through Angelas professional touch
Commenced a spiritual experience, that heals you so very much

The fragance, the music, the oils, the gentle caring, the peace
Each luring your tensions to release
Pain and suffering, to soothing and calm
A journey , as like myself, you will return to, for its healing balm"

J. Smith

"I was looking forward to a massage from Angela Macaulay Therapies after a particularly stressful time. My appointment was for 6pm last night (a Thursday evening) which fitted in perfectly with my work pattern.

When I arrived Angela immediately put me at ease as she is such a calm and warm person and her home is absolutely incredible. We went up to the treatment room which was better than some (unnamed) spas I have been to (one Groupon booking in particular springs to mind!).

After a consultation I went to the treatment bed. I have had many massages before but this is the first time I have used a bed with a hand-rest underneath the bed. During other massages I have often not really known what to do with my hands. This hand-rest is like a little ‘hammock’ for hands under the bed and it takes all the weight off your shoulders which leads to a more restful massage.

I usually opt for the deep-tissue massage due to upper muscle aches and pains from working on a computer so much. However, this was a relaxation massage which I have not had before. The room was lovely – white and full of light and soft music and the oil that Angela used was divine!

The massage itself was not like any I had ever had before. Angela combined a relaxation massage with Reiki and I have to admit I did feel a little bit sceptical beforehand about how effective this would be for me as a person used to a deep tissue massage. She had told me at the beginning of the massage that it could aid sleep which – if effective – I was all for.

The massage and Reiki itself was gentle but incredibly relaxing. As I told her afterwards, my mind is always buzzing with a constant ‘to-do’ list and for the first time in as long as I can remember it finally quietened down and felt clear and relaxed.

I could not believe when it was over that it had only been 30 minutes as I felt so zoned-out it could have been an hour. That evening I genuinely had the best night’s sleep I have had in a very, very long time. I went to bed at 9.30 as I couldn’t keep my eyes open!

I only ever write reviews for a genuinely great service or product and I always try to balance with any negatives because I understand that people read reviews to buy a trustworthy product or service. I have to say though that my only negative was that when the massage was over, Angela said “you can get up when you’re ready and don’t rush” because if she had left me there I honestly could have gone straight to sleep!"