You may choose from a variety of treatments including aromatherapy, Swedish massage, seated Indian Head Massage, Tsuboki face massage, foot massage.

A safe, gentle and effective massage that focuses on the head, face, neck and shoulders. This treatment assists people who suffer from headaches, stress and anxiety. It is very relaxing and excellent to soothe neck and shoulder tension.

It calms the mind too and promotes deep, slow breathing. Its benefits are far reaching within the rest of the body, since calm, deep breathing and deep relaxation all help release tension everywhere.

Indian head massage is given through clothing, usually without oil - sometimes a little oil can be used. The client sits upright on a chair.

Swedish Massage

This massage is overall very relaxing, gets rid of tension in the body and promotes deep breathing and calm.

Various strokes are performed directly on the body, using oil to aid the process. The client lies down on a massage bed and is covered with towels. One area of the body at a time is uncovered and massaged. This treatment feels relaxing and focused.

This massage is effective on the back alone, or a full body massage can include the back, shoulders, neck and head as well as the arms, legs, hands and feet.

Aromatherapy oils can be used to help to promote a feeling of well-being and aid the body’s own healing process. These are natural essential oils which can be used to help relax or invigorate.

Foot Massage

This treatment brings deep relaxation to the whole body and helps to relieve areas of tension, just through the soles of your feet!

By gentle stimulation of reflex points on the feet with pressure and manipulation, nerve function and circulation is improved and the lymphatic system is stimulated, helping the body to balance and relieve stress and other health related problems.